Coaching Circles

Coaching Circles®: Unleashing the Creative Power of the Group

Discover how the structure of coaching circles enables participants to truly support each other in their development and to design new and effective ways of responding to life challenges and opportunities. See why coaching circles have become an intricate part of the leadership development programs in organizations around the world.

Coaching circles combine the power of action learning and integral development to support leaders in creatively tackling the challenges they face while practicing the coaching skills they need on the job. This powerful technology enables individuals and teams to boost their performance and develop their capabilities in a truly supportive environment. Specifically, coaching circles deliver the following results:

• They improve the long-term performance and leadership capabilities of individuals and teams.
• They generate powerful breakthroughs for those who face complex leadership and management challenges.
• They reveal and challenge the socio-cultural norms and practices of the organization or community.
• They create a safe and stimulating environment in which to learn and grow.
• They support the development and use of critical coaching skills.
• They create dynamic partnerships that extend well beyond the life of circles.

People in a coaching circle have job responsibilities and roles that are equally complex and challenging (even if they are not at the same hierarchical level). The circle can be composed of people from the same organization and working in different functions or business lines. It can be an intact team with the boss (although this requires special care), a group designated for priority development (e.g. new recruits, high potentials, etc.) or a group of people working in different industry sectors. Diversity in the membership of groups is critical to the learning experience. In some cases, the invitation to join a coaching circle can be fairly open. In others, participants may be selected as part of a broader development program.


PDF Document: Coaching Circles – Unleashing the Creative Power of the Group



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