Make and maintain the link, an investment worth making

MCC Sante

On one side is a health care professional with the mission to help, relieve and heal. On the other, a patient in a state of vulnerability, fearing loss of control or facing a disease or decisions alone.

In that context, how are you meant to make and keep a connection?

I coach professionals and coaches who succeed or fail on the strength of their human relationships. The depth, awareness and congruence they can hold nside themselves, directly affects the sense of presence others’ report from meeting them. Others who rely on that presence to give (or withhold) trust.

A decade of partnering with horses (Equine Guided Education is the formal name) to teach authenticity in relationships has proven the results. But can they be replicated with medical professionals? Medical professionals coping with immense stress in time, resource and choice. Tasked to somehow engineer trust within seconds.

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Words alone cannot explain. See the movie below to find out more (click CC for English captions).